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Clipart is a media and digital communications agency that has been operating in the Georgian market for eight years.

The company relies on the two most essential elements – a team of professionals and up-to-date digital tools. Based on these components, we create quality services and products.

We are proud that our working process is pleasant and exciting, and the results always meet our customers’ expectations.


Clipart offers the latest digital tools and services to help companies to achieve business goals of any complexity. Among these tools are platforms and products innovative for the Georgian market.

The agency provides two vital services:


Clipart is the first company that united every Georgian online media channel in its service package. It's an excellent opportunity for our customers because they can reach the entire communications sector in the shortest amount of time.


Clipart is an innovator that offers up-to-date digital opportunities to the Georgian market. The company combines every platform, service, and advertising possibilities, such as Ads on apps, games, Google Search Engine, and popular websites.


The digital and media industry is developing every single day in Georgia and all around the world as well. We try our hardest to catch up with updates, inventions, and innovations.

In our blogs section, you can read through the principles, exciting facts, and entertaining details of the digital and media communications industry.

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We managed to work with more than 100 companies during operating on the Georgian market for eight years. So that we believe, we understand how to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

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What is Digital PR and How Does It Help Brands?

Digital PR is a strategy that aims to create a brand image, spread awareness about a company, raise awareness, and improve market position by


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