Media Marketing

media marketing in 2021-CLIPART

Today, in an era of technology, digital tools are an integral part of the advertising market. Eventually, traditional means of media are still popular in Georgia. Many local and international companies use media marketing services to connect with their customers.   Clipart is the first Georgian agency that brought together the entire media market and […]

The History of Advertising

The history of advertising_CLP

Although advertising has become an integral part of the business as far back as prehistoric times, the exact date is unknown. When a person has expanded their communication area and decided to sell or exchange a manufactured product, it has become essential to connect with potential customers. As far as we know, the first advertisement […]

How Social Media Marketing Works

Social media 2021_clipart

Thanks to modern technology, today every company can have direct communication with their potential customers. The business sector can use a wide range of communication to attract customers. In Georgia, for example, one of the integral components is social media, a significant part of our lives.     Social media became a fundamental part of […]

News CMS for Publishers

რა არის ვებ გვერდის CMS

What does online media need to work perfectly? The answer is very simple – quality content, high ranking, and advertising revenue. However, combining these three components requires content management and an advertising product management platform so that the publisher can deliver quality content to customers on time and monetize high rankings. Maintaining product quality is […]

Content Marketing in Georgia

Content Marketing Header

The word “content” has become a crucial part of people’s lives, and sometimes we hear it in unexpected places, such as supermarkets. Globally, this form of marketing includes creating, publishing, distributing, and reporting textual and visual content relevant to the target audience. According to the Institute of Content Marketing (CMI), despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the […]