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Media Partners

Check out Clipart’s list of partner companies that help us to produce quality service.


Despite the growth of online media, TV remains the leading role in delivering information. Clipart cooperates with all Georgian television channels.

Online Media

Online media is a successful platform in the advertising industry because of its large number of users. Clipart is the first company in Georgia that combines different media portals. Today we work together with more than 100 online media channels. And the number is constantly growing.


Clipart cooperates with the leading radio stations operating in Georgia. It is an additional advantage for our customers. They can place advertisements on more than five partner radios easily anytime they need.


Working closely with the press is one of the most significant advantages that Clipart has. As a result, the company is a partner of almost every press media.

Regional media

Regional media is popular among the local community. Therefore, we can confidently say that Clipart is a partner of every regional media from different areas of Georgia.