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News CMS for Publishers

რა არის ვებ გვერდის CMS

What does online media need to work perfectly? The answer is very simple – quality content, high ranking, and advertising revenue. However, combining these three components requires content management and an advertising product management platform so that the publisher can deliver quality content to customers on time and monetize high rankings.

Maintaining product quality is good, but let’s consider Uncle Simon Sinek and talk to our potential customers about why we created NEWS CMS. What is Clipart’s mission on the path of development of the Georgian online media?

We aim to sell digital products, develop the media market, share international experience, and introduce their standards in Georgia.

Our goal is to offer new opportunities to online media and make the working process more manageable. It significantly increases productivity, so the customers get high-quality products.

Our purpose is for online media to generate revenue related to their image and rating. Also, to help them involve in the industry more to increase sales.

How does NEWS CMS do all of those? It will take a while to discuss the platform’s full capabilities, so let’s discuss the essential components below.

Distribution and Monitoring of Duties

News CMS control panel efficiently implements into publishers internal management system. And each employee of the company gets a different role after registration.

The administrator has the most functions and can assign positions to the employees. An administrator can also create categories based on individual preferences and add or subtract duties of specific roles. 

  • The control panel provides the functions:
  • Creating news (separately, by language – in three languages)
  • Upload photos (file manager)
  • Editing news and managing journalists’ reports
  • Video page management
  • Management of polls page
  • Access to journalists’ statistics
  • Monitoring partners and collecting statistics
  • Access to Datastudio statistics
  • Access to RealTime monitoring
  • Management of promotional products


CMS ავტორიზაცია და ფუნქციონალი


Individual Web Design and Site Map

The webpage design of the desktop and mobile versions creates individually based on customer’s requirements. We take into consideration their desired colors, fonts, news placement, and other details.

We set up the control panel and tools according to the publisher’s demands

Manage News, Photos, and Videos

The News CMS platform can manage news content – news, photos, and videos. Using various functionality, authors create articles in the control panel. Then editor starts editing using additional settings before publishing on the website.

The platform has a built-in spell checker for authors and editors to eliminate spelling mistakes, barbarisms, and proofreading.

It is possible to schedule the time and publish articles according to the specified calendar.

The file manager is for uploading and managing photos and PDF documents. In File Manager, it is possible to create folders, upload photos according to categories and themes and then use them.

It is possible to insert a video from any social network or video platform by inserting the video embed link or watching a live video (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) on the website.

The video content on the video page is managed from the videos section of the control panel. 

Finally, because of the URL structure, the system has capabilities of SEO standards.

Survey and Quizzes

Surveys and quizzes are the essentials for a high rating. That is why NEWS CMS has an additional control panel customizable for any engine. Authors can create different types of quizzes, and the algorithm will provide logical answers to the questions that can excite customers.

Today, there are several types of quizzes only, but news CMS plans to create more and more templates to increase customers’ interactions over time.


სიახლეების ვებ გვერდი CMS სტატისტიკა


Real-time Statistics and Reporting

Statistics settings are a handy feature of the CMS, as they measure work effectiveness in numbers. The publisher can quickly analyze the quantity, quality, and rating of articles and their revenue.

In addition to the editor can evaluate the quality of news written by a journalist, exclusive articles, and the number of authentic topics. 

Finally, the platform summarizes the total number of views of articles, authorship, readability, real-time viewers, and the most popular articles.

The platform allows you to control the partners’ section. Partner statistics provide comprehensive information on the number of published articles, testimonials, remaining limits, and partnership duration.


სტატისტიკა და რეპორტინგი CMS


Advertising Potential

News CMS has the AdMixer ecosystem, allowing publishers to sort banner positions and video advertising products, create audiences, manage and monetize them for digital advertising.

The Admixer ecosystem is automatically built into the CMS platform and provides easy, instant access to the SSP (Supply Side Platform) panel. 

However, the online media business is not restricted to insert any other system that the publisher uses for advertising.


news CMS ASmixer


Advanced Standards of Safety

Security is one of the essential components of News CMS. With the latest server software and modern encryption methods, the engine was written by the developers of Clipart. For more security, the platform is constantly updating, and the code is not public.

To prevent damage caused by a cyberattack, the CMS keeps backup copies. It is essential to recover information if a cyber attack takes place. 




Finally,  News CMS offers a full range of opportunities to publishers operating in the Georgian market. The platform is engaging not only for online media owners but also for companies creating content about their products.

CMS is an ideal medium for content management, workflow simplification, and secure, user-friendly collaboration.

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