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Radio Advertising

Get access to almost all radio networks throughout Georgia. Communicate your brand to everyone and increase awareness to a wider audience. Digital agency Clipart partners with a number of Georgian radio channels that can help your brand grow and develop.

Why Radio Advertising?

It is one of the oldest and time-tested communication channels that can offer many benefits to businesses:

Wide coverage area – you can instantly spread the brand message through radio to different geographical points, wherever the radio is turned on.

Focus – Long commutes are boring for most people. At this time, radio appears as one of the “entertainment means”. When their attention is diverted to the radio, your brand’s message will easily reach their minds.

Low Costs – Compared to other advertising mediums, radio advertising is cost-effective for businesses.

Ability to run niche ads – it’s much easier to target a specific niche audience on radio, eg car drivers.

Locality – you can choose a specific geographic location and run ads on it.

Complementary – Using only one channel in a holistic marketing strategy is not enough. The brand should be accessible to consumers on various communication platforms. And for 360 degree marketing campaigns, radio advertising is very important and can play a big role in getting results.

Additional Services

In addition to radio advertising, Clipart offers many other marketing services, such as website advertising, Internet advertising, SEO optimization (search engine marketing), online PR, branding, graphic design, digital advertising (full service) and more. Contact us for detailed information, write us your business needs and get an offer tailored to you.


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