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Social Media Management

Professional social media management services aimed at generating brand awareness and conversions, ultimately achieving business goals.

👉 Clipart is Meta’s business partner.

  • Determining the relevance of the strategy of channels
  • Analysis of channel content (textual, visual)
  • Analysis of channel advertising engines (Business & Ad Manager)
  • Update social media channels with photos, videos, or other relevant content based on the social media strategy or information provided by the company
  • Channel Monitoring – delete inappropriate comments, posts, and spam content
  • Content research and strategic vision compliance analysis
  • Content creation (textual, visual)
  • Planning and organizing calendar schedules
  • Analysis of audience feedback
  • Visual branding of social media channels according to the company brand book
  • Visual content preparation for social media channels according to the company’s branding
  • Creating advertising creatives
  • Creating arts for promotions and news
  • Defining, implementing, and monitoring the campaign strategy based on the aims (increase page engagement, guarantee maximum access to particular messages)
  • Placing ads on Instagram and encouraging customer engagement
  • Defining a target audience
  • Analysis of consumer behavior
  • Remarketing
  • Analytics and reporting of advertising campaigns
  • The complete analysis of activity and engagement on social media channels
  • Analyze content on channels according to the most important parameters
  • Preparing recommendations to increase engagement based on analytical data
  • Monthly reporting


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